We recruit, assemble and expand technical and operational teams for startups and SMBs.

Not your average recruitment!

We are a heterogeneous team of software engineers, technology leaders and HR/TA professionals with a passion for crafting long-term winning teams. 

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A few of our clients.

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Exciting updates coming soon! STAY TUNED!

10 Folders is growing. 

The Team

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Victor Castano, PhD

Founder / CEO

+20 years as a Software Engineer, Researcher and Engineering Manager 

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Tomás Elena, BBA

Co-founder / Head of Recruitment
Entrepreneur with +6 years of experience as a Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Consultant.

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Carlos Carrascal, BBA-MBA

Co-founder / Chief Growth Officer 

+15 years of experience building marketing teams for growing B2C and B2B products and companies

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Val Esway, SHRM-CP

Lead Talent Acquisition and People Operations - US  

+8 years of experience in early-stage SaaS startups. Expert scaling HR operations & transforming organizational cultures in global, remote-first environments.

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Facundo Lucero, BSc-MBA

HR & Finance Specialist

+10 years of experience in General Management,  finance, HR and operations

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Gonzalo Cubillas

TA specialist & Sourcer - Spain & LATAM

Former front-end developer with a passion for all talent acquisition

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Camila Alvarez Pereyra, BSc, MCM, 

Business Development & Marketing Lead

+12 years experience in communications, project management  and academia

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We are growing

Coming soon ...

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We are growing

Coming soon ...

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Are you a founder or hiring manager searching for talented engineers or Ad/Mar-Tech professionals?

How is our track record?

Victor says what he does and does what he says. He's a man of his word - reliable and effective 💪.

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Remi Vespa

PRESIDENT and CO-FOUNDER of Blue Trail Software

Tomas brings all the value I need in a Recruiter, bringing stellar value in no time;  every time he asked me to reconsider a discarded candidate, he was just plain right 🧠. Helpful, available ⏱️, and a master of his craft.

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David Martín


Their support in hiring was crucial to scaling 🚀 my team on time and on budget 💰.

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Marcin Banasiak


We have been working with 10Folders for two months. Quality 🎯, Speed 🏁 & Professionalism.

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Nuria Sebastián

Talent Specialist at Shakers

Team-building masters, turning individual strengths into robust and cohesive teams.

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Aoife Cassidy


A leader who combines technical savvy with top-notch team-building skills.

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Markus Aeugle

CTO at SevDesk

Not your average recruiters

We are recruiters with an extensive technical background.
And... That makes a difference.


We only bring candidates that genuinely fit.

We are hiring managers

We are able to see recruitment through your eyes.

Engineering experts

We speak tech fluently, just like you and the candidates.

Our former professional background

HR Operations, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Marketing

Scaling and Management of technical teams 

Mobile & Backend & Systems Development

Computer Science Research, Academia 

Long-term players

We think growth, and we want you to win so that we win.

With a strong 🌎 Network

Berlin  🇩🇪
London  🇬🇧
Madrid & Barcelona  🇪🇸

Buenos Aires 🇦🇷
Bogotá 🇨🇴

Texas & Sacramento 🇺🇸 

See our accomplishments on Linkedin >

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Hiring is easy,
hiring well isn't

Yes... it IS rocket science!

  • Hiring the wrong talent will eventually
    cause disruptions and slow you down
  • Catching weak links early
    avoids trouble down the line
  • Leave the nitty-gritty of the processes to us
    - we do enjoy this!

Services & Expertise

Tailored, Effective, Lasting

Recruitment & Headhunting

Matching the right talent with your growing team. No buzzwords, just solid fits.

Customised Team Building

An efficient and effective team created to fit your current goals.

Discreet Headhunting and Stealth Hiring 🕵️‍♂️

Need a ninja approach to hiring? Let’s talk strategy.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The full package: We handle the talent and internal processes so that you can focus on your business.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via LinkedIn
or email at victor@10folders.com.
Alternatively, you can book a meeting right in my calendar.

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